Start the New Year Romantically!

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So the next year is almost literally a stone’s throw away. And while everyone is going crazy about which party to attend to, the romantics amongst us are probably thinking about the sweet and romantic ways to start the New Year. Kissing at the stroke of midnight is too plain to make a statement, and doing it with hundreds of other couples in the same building makes it even less special.

Welcome New Year!


So if you’re in a rut thinking up ideas on how to wow your lady love and really, really help her welcome the New Year with the biggest, sweetest bang, these tips might help you. Here are some romantic ways to welcome in the New Year.

You could go all out and rent a yacht (or a boat if the budget does not allow for a yacht) and welcome the New Year with a romantic dinner on the water. It’s quiet, it’s tranquil, and it’s a great way to watch the fireworks without having to be squished with tons of other people. It’s not the most ideal place for a photo though, it could be a little dark but you can always keep photos in your memory; a kiss on a boat is always makes for a Nicholas Sparks novel scene.

Or consider just running off from the party right before midnight and enjoy some sweet solitude on an empty rooftop and share a kiss. Now that would be a great way to enjoy the scenes of the New Year – fireworks included – without the crowd. Up the ante by sprucing up your little piece of love heaven with some lights and maybe some music. This is also the perfect alternative for the yacht/boat New Year date should the weather (or the budget) not allow it.

Another idea is to take her to the place where you first met her and remind her of your love for her. This should be perfect for couples who have already been together for quite some time. Make a vow for the coming year, or read her a letter telling her everything wonderful that’s happened in your relationship starting from that very, very first day. Women tend to be a little too sensitive on this subject and they value these things very much. So if she knows that you value it as much as she does, you had better prepare for the waterworks. Go here for some good advice on women for men.

Maybe you could take her on a special surprise trip after midnight. Surprise her with tickets to a trip right after the stroke of midnight. Everyone can use a little New Year’s Day holiday so surprise her with some flight tickets, bus tickets, or cross-country train ride after your midnight kiss. A romantic trip is always a banging way to start the New Year after all! That, or plan ahead so you spend New Year’s eve in your romantic getaway of choice and share a midnight kiss in a different state/city/country/continent.

Your choice!

Superstitions say that how you spend the New Year will influence how the rest of year will go. Truth or not, spending it romantically with your dearly beloved will never fail to give your new year an awesome kickstart!

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