One Night Stand Guidelines

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One night stands. Those nights when single men and women lose all forms of morals, some intentionally while others in an alcohol-induced behavior, and wind up having sex. Some regret it the morning after, others have done it often enough to get used to the feeling of waking up with a stranger in bed. That, or it was just too good to even regret anything that happened. You might need this, how to survive a long distance relationship?

But while this is one of those moments where lapse in judgments are exemplified, it does not mean that there are no rules to govern it. Surprise, surprise, there are rules for one night stands.

Rules for One Night Stands

The rules are crafted dues mostly to the fact that one night stands are between you and most often some random stranger woman. Here are 5 rules for one night stands – to make it safe, less embarrassing, and less scandalizing for you and for the woman; oh, and to avoid it being a long regret post your lapse in judgment anyway.

Number one always be safe. The last thing you want is get an STD from your random hot, wild date or wake up with an even more random paternity claim from having a kid with the woman whose face you don’t remember but whose bed talents you can never forget. You’ll never really know when your lucky stars are up so you had better prepare with a quick stash of rubber just to be on the safe side.

Next don’t just leave or let her leave without driving her home or to see her off. You don’t have to offer breakfast the morning after, but you can be a better man by making sure she gets home safely. That, and that she does not have to do the walk of shame alone. And don’t just disappear while she’s asleep. That’s what jerks do; you’re not a jerk, are you?

Whatever you do, don’t talk about it. This rule is especially important if you just had one night stand with someone you know from work or is in the same circle as you are. If you must talk about it, spare them the details. A good gentleman does not kiss and tell, not even of his dirtiest, naughtiest one night stand.

And don’t be stupid and give her money afterwards. You had sex with a perfectly willing stranger, not a hooker. It doesn’t even matter if it’s out of good will and pure concern; you would be insulting her by making her feel like a hooker. Give her some dignity. Offer her a ride, take her to breakfast, or offer something else just not money.

Finally, don’t expect a Continuation should you ever cross paths again. And there are plenty of reasons not to:

(1) it may just have been purely a one-time thing for her and bringing it up expecting a repeat would only embarrass her;

(2) bringing it up might make her feel like a booty call; and

(3) if it happens, it happens.

Oh and don’t be a jerk, Welcome your New Year in Romantically. Just because you gave in to a one-night-stand does not mean you’re no gentleman anymore. Good luck.

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