Having Boyfriend Issues? Here's how to fix them

Hi all and welcome to this week’s blog post!

Boyfriends around the world have a lot of things in common. And apparently, as this list would suggest, these things are not very much limited to just the joys and wonders of having a girlfriend. I’ve written theses from my personal experience and wanted to share them with you my readers in my efforts to improve myself as a dating guru. Gentlemen, brace yourselves and worry no more about feeling alone in the boyfriend world with all your problems with your girlfriend and with your relationship – here are the 5 most common boyfriend problems and some tips on how to eternally rid yourself of these problems:

Ask yourself if there is a lack of physical intimacy in the relationship. Okay, we girls get it – men need a lot of intimacy in their lives. Men need to be physically gratified. The problem with most girlfriends is that, it does not come as necessary to them as it is to men – and that is the root of all of men’s problems (or at least of many of men’s problems). So what’s the solution? Change something. There must be something about you, or about the way you make love, or even about the way you approach the subject of sex and making love that’s causing her to back off on the activity. Listen to her more often too; you’ll be surprised at what you might find out about the things that she hardly tells you about. Open communication and an open mind are key to improving this very sensitive concern.

Do you have a nagging girlfriend? Women tend to nag. A lot. Majority of all the women I know admitted to nagging, have nagged a boyfriend at some point in the relationship, and are self-confessed serious naggers. And this is very annoying for men. It deflates men’s egos simply because it makes men feel like there is a lack of respect on the part of the lady for the man. And that is very, very bad news for the men.

The solution: Talk to your girlfriend. Don’t lecture her about nagging when she’s right at it; talk about the problem when she’s calm and you’re calm and you’re not fighting about something. Approach the subject carefully and sensitively to avoid her being defensive about it. And don’t sound accusatory either. It would also be to your argument’s advantage if you have specific instances to cite as examples of her nagging.

Does your girlfriend takes too much time getting dressed? Of course this is a problem! Are you dating a beauty queen? How many women could claim that they’ve never been late for a date, or that they’ve never made a man wait for them for a date? A good few, I believe. Why do women behave like this anyway, you may ask.

Here’s one answer: women don’t like to seem too eager for a man, and coming early to a date or being too prompt may send that kind of message. If you’ve been dating for a while though, this does not exactly apply. So why is she late? The solution: Just ask her, exactly, why she’s always late. Don’t be accusatory in your tone, but don’t be too kind either. Your girlfriend has to know how to respect your time and that you feel violated for having made to wait every single time. You may also try imposing a rule in your relationship: latecomer foots the bill. That, or you could give her a dose of her own bitter, late-coming pill. *Wink* If she’s a beauty queen, read here for ways to deal with her.

Is your girlfriend too clingy and too jealous? There are more clingy women than there are men. That, or women are just more open and transparent about their real feelings. While it may seem cute in the beginning of the relationship, having to report your whereabouts every 10 minutes or so or profiling every female you meet and talk to for your personal report to her cannot be fun later on in the relationship. It’s just too much! You need your buddy time back! You need trust! And all those texts and calls are killing your phone bill! What do you do? See this guide on how to maintain eye contact with women!

That’s where the solution comes in: open communication always works best. You have to let your girlfriend know that you are trustworthy and that you don’t appreciate being choked to death by her clinginess. A piece of advice though – there are better words to use than ‘clinginess’.

Are you constantly fighting? This is that one type of problem that is practically just the result of some other problem. And the solution? Determine the root cause of the problem. What have you been constantly fighting about? This is where you need to find solution for. Common reasons include plain miscommunication so you might have to fix this area in your relationship. Fights can be healthy in a relationship but if it happens too often, it would be hard to find a reason to stay in the relationship anyway. Maybe it’s time to move on? Check out my book for ideas on picking up women at how my book; Picking Up Women Using Guqin – for a copy click here.