Dating a Beauty Queen

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As a dating guru I get a lot of emails asking me for advice, one such came in recently that I thought I’d share with you guys, “Hi Brenda, my new girlfriend is a Beauty Queen, and I’m finding all the attention she get’s a bit unusual. Do you have any advice for me?”

Well, this has got to be the material for a lot of men’s dating fantasies: dating an actual beauty queen. Seriously, what man could resist the charms of a woman who can charm an entire beauty pageant crowd and its judges? Yes, you’ve got to be made of stone or totally against women to be able to resist that. If you’ve seen ‘Miss Congeniality’, or at least ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’, you have an inkling of an idea as to how much work and training each beauty queen wannabe puts into becoming beauty title winners, so they are practically trained to become the perfect Princess Charming; and falling for her charms is pretty much a course of your male nature. See now!

But while falling for one is easy, dating one may be a little bit of a different story. There are tons of things to consider, too many factors that affect the overall success (or non-success) of dating one, and besides, we all think their standards are higher than most other women around. Women of their stature, deemed to be cut above the rest of the female populace in beauty, brains, and again, charms, get attention from tons of males including the superior ones. And nothing so easily crushes any man’s ego and self-confidence than the presence of a superior man. Apart from that, with beauty queens having seen so many beautiful things and beautiful people, getting noticed let alone making a good impression on her is even more challenging.

Tips on Dating a Beauty Queen

So if you’re dating a beauty queen, a pseudo-beauty-queen, a former beauty queen, a beauty queen wannabe, or plainly someone with a beauty queen attitude, you’ll definitely need some help in dating. Here are some tips on dating a beauty queen – no matter the type, crown, or title:

First off; always be true. These women are probably surrounded by men (and women) who deifne what ‘plastic’ is in humans. So the best way to stand out and be noticed is to simply be your honest, true self. Don’t pretend to be someone else just to easily blend in with ‘her crowd’; be your own person and let her see the beauty of that.

And just be sensible. A true beauty queen is defined not only by her beauty, poise and elegance but by the sharpness of her brain. So you have to match that. Don’t bore her with mundane conversations, senseless responses and the like. Match that brain activity of hers; be someone ‘of substance’ as they call it in beauty pageants.

It’s important to always look good and carry yourself with poise and class in public. A beauty queen deserves nothing less than a king, so apart from becoming a perfect conversation partner for her, you also have to match that regality and poise that she presents. Be a ready and fitting prince charming to escort her wherever she is; be the type of date whom she will not  be embarrassed to be seen in public with. So dress up well, always look and smell clean, and carry yourself with dignity and poise aka don’t forget your manners.

You gotta remember to keep calm and be prepared for men staring at her. A woman as beautiful as her will always attract men – men who are a potential competition. So always put on your A-game and make them jealous of you for getting the privilege of taking her out.

And be sure to take her on dates that focus on simple joys. With all the grandiose offers and material gifts that beauty queens get from plastic suitors, someone who can give her a piece of what real and simple joy is will always be outstanding. So be ready with picnics, stargazing, kite flying, fishing, home-cooked-meal dates, etc. These will keep her as grounded as she is happy.

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