Start the New Year Romantically!

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So the next year is almost literally a stone’s throw away. And while everyone is going crazy about which party to attend to, the romantics amongst us are probably thinking about the sweet and romantic ways to start the New Year. Kissing at the stroke of midnight is too plain to make a statement, and doing it with hundreds of other couples in the same building makes it even less special.

Welcome New Year!


So if you’re in a rut thinking up ideas on how to wow your lady love and really, really help her welcome the New Year with the biggest, sweetest bang, these tips might help you. Here are some romantic ways to welcome in the New Year.

You could go all out and rent a yacht (or a boat if the budget does not allow for a yacht) and welcome the New Year with a romantic dinner on the water. It’s quiet, it’s tranquil, and it’s a great way to watch the fireworks without having to be squished with tons of other people. It’s not the most ideal place for a photo though, it could be a little dark but you can always keep photos in your memory; a kiss on a boat is always makes for a Nicholas Sparks novel scene.

Or consider just running off from the party right before midnight and enjoy some sweet solitude on an empty rooftop and share a kiss. Now that would be a great way to enjoy the scenes of the New Year – fireworks included – without the crowd. Up the ante by sprucing up your little piece of love heaven with some lights and maybe some music. This is also the perfect alternative for the yacht/boat New Year date should the weather (or the budget) not allow it.

Another idea is to take her to the place where you first met her and remind her of your love for her. This should be perfect for couples who have already been together for quite some time. Make a vow for the coming year, or read her a letter telling her everything wonderful that’s happened in your relationship starting from that very, very first day. Women tend to be a little too sensitive on this subject and they value these things very much. So if she knows that you value it as much as she does, you had better prepare for the waterworks. Go here for some good advice on women for men.

Maybe you could take her on a special surprise trip after midnight. Surprise her with tickets to a trip right after the stroke of midnight. Everyone can use a little New Year’s Day holiday so surprise her with some flight tickets, bus tickets, or cross-country train ride after your midnight kiss. A romantic trip is always a banging way to start the New Year after all! That, or plan ahead so you spend New Year’s eve in your romantic getaway of choice and share a midnight kiss in a different state/city/country/continent.

Your choice!

Superstitions say that how you spend the New Year will influence how the rest of year will go. Truth or not, spending it romantically with your dearly beloved will never fail to give your new year an awesome kickstart!

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Having Boyfriend Issues? Here’s how to fix them

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Boyfriends around the world have a lot of things in common. And apparently, as this list would suggest, these things are not very much limited to just the joys and wonders of having a girlfriend. I’ve written theses from my personal experience and wanted to share them with you my readers in my efforts to improve myself as a dating guru. Gentlemen, brace yourselves and worry no more about feeling alone in the boyfriend world with all your problems with your girlfriend and with your relationship – here are the 5 most common boyfriend problems and some tips on how to eternally rid yourself of these problems:

Ask yourself if there is a lack of physical intimacy in the relationship. Okay, we girls get it – men need a lot of intimacy in their lives. Men need to be physically gratified. The problem with most girlfriends is that, it does not come as necessary to them as it is to men – and that is the root of all of men’s problems (or at least of many of men’s problems). So what’s the solution? Change something. There must be something about you, or about the way you make love, or even about the way you approach the subject of sex and making love that’s causing her to back off on the activity. Listen to her more often too; you’ll be surprised at what you might find out about the things that she hardly tells you about. Open communication and an open mind are key to improving this very sensitive concern.

Do you have a nagging girlfriend? Women tend to nag. A lot. Majority of all the women I know admitted to nagging, have nagged a boyfriend at some point in the relationship, and are self-confessed serious naggers. And this is very annoying for men. It deflates men’s egos simply because it makes men feel like there is a lack of respect on the part of the lady for the man. And that is very, very bad news for the men.

The solution: Talk to your girlfriend. Don’t lecture her about nagging when she’s right at it; talk about the problem when she’s calm and you’re calm and you’re not fighting about something. Approach the subject carefully and sensitively to avoid her being defensive about it. And don’t sound accusatory either. It would also be to your argument’s advantage if you have specific instances to cite as examples of her nagging.

Does your girlfriend takes too much time getting dressed? Of course this is a problem! Are you dating a beauty queen? How many women could claim that they’ve never been late for a date, or that they’ve never made a man wait for them for a date? A good few, I believe. Why do women behave like this anyway, you may ask.

Here’s one answer: women don’t like to seem too eager for a man, and coming early to a date or being too prompt may send that kind of message. If you’ve been dating for a while though, this does not exactly apply. So why is she late? The solution: Just ask her, exactly, why she’s always late. Don’t be accusatory in your tone, but don’t be too kind either. Your girlfriend has to know how to respect your time and that you feel violated for having made to wait every single time. You may also try imposing a rule in your relationship: latecomer foots the bill. That, or you could give her a dose of her own bitter, late-coming pill. *Wink* If she’s a beauty queen, read here for ways to deal with her.

Is your girlfriend too clingy and too jealous? There are more clingy women than there are men. That, or women are just more open and transparent about their real feelings. While it may seem cute in the beginning of the relationship, having to report your whereabouts every 10 minutes or so or profiling every female you meet and talk to for your personal report to her cannot be fun later on in the relationship. It’s just too much! You need your buddy time back! You need trust! And all those texts and calls are killing your phone bill! What do you do? See this guide on how to maintain eye contact with women!

That’s where the solution comes in: open communication always works best. You have to let your girlfriend know that you are trustworthy and that you don’t appreciate being choked to death by her clinginess. A piece of advice though – there are better words to use than ‘clinginess’.

Are you constantly fighting? This is that one type of problem that is practically just the result of some other problem. And the solution? Determine the root cause of the problem. What have you been constantly fighting about? This is where you need to find solution for. Common reasons include plain miscommunication so you might have to fix this area in your relationship. Fights can be healthy in a relationship but if it happens too often, it would be hard to find a reason to stay in the relationship anyway. Maybe it’s time to move on? Check out my book for ideas on picking up women at how my book; Picking Up Women Using Guqin – for a copy click here.

Dating a Beauty Queen

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As a dating guru I get a lot of emails asking me for advice, one such came in recently that I thought I’d share with you guys, “Hi Brenda, my new girlfriend is a Beauty Queen, and I’m finding all the attention she get’s a bit unusual. Do you have any advice for me?”

Well, this has got to be the material for a lot of men’s dating fantasies: dating an actual beauty queen. Seriously, what man could resist the charms of a woman who can charm an entire beauty pageant crowd and its judges? Yes, you’ve got to be made of stone or totally against women to be able to resist that. If you’ve seen ‘Miss Congeniality’, or at least ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’, you have an inkling of an idea as to how much work and training each beauty queen wannabe puts into becoming beauty title winners, so they are practically trained to become the perfect Princess Charming; and falling for her charms is pretty much a course of your male nature. See now!

But while falling for one is easy, dating one may be a little bit of a different story. There are tons of things to consider, too many factors that affect the overall success (or non-success) of dating one, and besides, we all think their standards are higher than most other women around. Women of their stature, deemed to be cut above the rest of the female populace in beauty, brains, and again, charms, get attention from tons of males including the superior ones. And nothing so easily crushes any man’s ego and self-confidence than the presence of a superior man. Apart from that, with beauty queens having seen so many beautiful things and beautiful people, getting noticed let alone making a good impression on her is even more challenging.

Tips on Dating a Beauty Queen

So if you’re dating a beauty queen, a pseudo-beauty-queen, a former beauty queen, a beauty queen wannabe, or plainly someone with a beauty queen attitude, you’ll definitely need some help in dating. Here are some tips on dating a beauty queen – no matter the type, crown, or title:

First off; always be true. These women are probably surrounded by men (and women) who deifne what ‘plastic’ is in humans. So the best way to stand out and be noticed is to simply be your honest, true self. Don’t pretend to be someone else just to easily blend in with ‘her crowd’; be your own person and let her see the beauty of that.

And just be sensible. A true beauty queen is defined not only by her beauty, poise and elegance but by the sharpness of her brain. So you have to match that. Don’t bore her with mundane conversations, senseless responses and the like. Match that brain activity of hers; be someone ‘of substance’ as they call it in beauty pageants.

It’s important to always look good and carry yourself with poise and class in public. A beauty queen deserves nothing less than a king, so apart from becoming a perfect conversation partner for her, you also have to match that regality and poise that she presents. Be a ready and fitting prince charming to escort her wherever she is; be the type of date whom she will not  be embarrassed to be seen in public with. So dress up well, always look and smell clean, and carry yourself with dignity and poise aka don’t forget your manners.

You gotta remember to keep calm and be prepared for men staring at her. A woman as beautiful as her will always attract men – men who are a potential competition. So always put on your A-game and make them jealous of you for getting the privilege of taking her out.

And be sure to take her on dates that focus on simple joys. With all the grandiose offers and material gifts that beauty queens get from plastic suitors, someone who can give her a piece of what real and simple joy is will always be outstanding. So be ready with picnics, stargazing, kite flying, fishing, home-cooked-meal dates, etc. These will keep her as grounded as she is happy.

Thanks for reading! Read more tips about boyfriends problems here!

One Night Stand Guidelines

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Your resident dating guru writing to you all the way from Knoxville, Tennesee here! Before we get started I wanted to celebrate my recent book release with you! Picking Up Women Using Guqin – for a copy click here .

One night stands. Those nights when single men and women lose all forms of morals, some intentionally while others in an alcohol-induced behavior, and wind up having sex. Some regret it the morning after, others have done it often enough to get used to the feeling of waking up with a stranger in bed. That, or it was just too good to even regret anything that happened. You might need this, how to survive a long distance relationship?

But while this is one of those moments where lapse in judgments are exemplified, it does not mean that there are no rules to govern it. Surprise, surprise, there are rules for one night stands.

Rules for One Night Stands

The rules are crafted dues mostly to the fact that one night stands are between you and most often some random stranger woman. Here are 5 rules for one night stands – to make it safe, less embarrassing, and less scandalizing for you and for the woman; oh, and to avoid it being a long regret post your lapse in judgment anyway.

Number one always be safe. The last thing you want is get an STD from your random hot, wild date or wake up with an even more random paternity claim from having a kid with the woman whose face you don’t remember but whose bed talents you can never forget. You’ll never really know when your lucky stars are up so you had better prepare with a quick stash of rubber just to be on the safe side.

Next don’t just leave or let her leave without driving her home or to see her off. You don’t have to offer breakfast the morning after, but you can be a better man by making sure she gets home safely. That, and that she does not have to do the walk of shame alone. And don’t just disappear while she’s asleep. That’s what jerks do; you’re not a jerk, are you?

Whatever you do, don’t talk about it. This rule is especially important if you just had one night stand with someone you know from work or is in the same circle as you are. If you must talk about it, spare them the details. A good gentleman does not kiss and tell, not even of his dirtiest, naughtiest one night stand.

And don’t be stupid and give her money afterwards. You had sex with a perfectly willing stranger, not a hooker. It doesn’t even matter if it’s out of good will and pure concern; you would be insulting her by making her feel like a hooker. Give her some dignity. Offer her a ride, take her to breakfast, or offer something else just not money.

Finally, don’t expect a Continuation should you ever cross paths again. And there are plenty of reasons not to:

(1) it may just have been purely a one-time thing for her and bringing it up expecting a repeat would only embarrass her;

(2) bringing it up might make her feel like a booty call; and

(3) if it happens, it happens.

Oh and don’t be a jerk, Welcome your New Year in Romantically. Just because you gave in to a one-night-stand does not mean you’re no gentleman anymore. Good luck.